Slimbook Battery en elementary OS Hera/Odin

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  1. Lafy dijo:

    I need your help, did you made this screenshot from odin? Because it seems we’ve lost the icons on ayatana with eos6. Or did you find a trick ? I like your blog (despite I only guess spanish) Thank you very much.

    • yunn dijo:

      Hi @Lafy, you are correct, that’s Odin. Well for the indicator to be displayed you need two things,

      – Have installed ayatana
      – And from Slimbook Battery Preferences -> General, activate the flag for Autostart with the system

      After that, them logoff and login again.


      • Lafy dijo:

        I think I missed a library or something is missing…
        However it didn’t come from odin, good enough, thank you !
        ( )

        • yunn dijo:

          Hi @Lafy, yeah there is an Issue in the last versión ayatana, I try that version and I have the same Issue(menu icon is missing),

          In this one post, I was using the old ayatana.

          I don’t know if it will have something to do with it, but the icon in wingpanel of the last version seems more smaller.


          • Lafy dijo:

            Thank you very much for your help, it came from the switch to ModelButtons for eos6. It will be solved in a couple of days.
            With the old version, you don’t have access to submenus and radio buttons (but you keep the images, yes 🙂 )

            Buenos noches.

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